Please indicate how much the following problems have bothered you during the past week. Mark only one box for each problem, and be sure to answer all items.

1. I am afraid of people in authority

2. I am afraid of people in authority

3. Parties and social events scare me

4. I avoid talking to people I don't know

5. Being criticized scares me a lot

6. Fear of embarrassment causes me to avoid doing things or speaking to people

7. Sweating in front of people causes me distress

8. I avoid going to parties

9. I avoid activities in which I am the center of attention

10. Talking to strangers scares me

11. I avoid having to give speeches

12. I would do anything to avoid being criticized

13. Heart palpitations bother me when I am around people

14. I am afraid of doing things when people might be watching

15. Being embarrassed or looking stupid is among my worst fears

16. I avoid speaking to anyone in authority

17. Trembling or shaking in front of others is distressing to me

The SPIN is a 17‐item self‐rating scale for social anxiety disorder (social phobia). The scale is rated over the past week and includes items assessing each of the symptom domains of social anxiety disorder (fear, avoidance, and physiologic arousal).

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