About Dr. Mirza


Dr. Mirza is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience, treating patients in diverse settings.

This includes but not limited to providing services in the in-patient setting, out-patient clinics, partial hospitalization programs, days programs, providing consultation services in community hospital settings, guardianship evaluations and teaching medical students.
She believes in enhancing community awareness about psychiatric illness. She has delivered several lectures at different community events/locations. With her expertise and extensive experience, she is a seasoned clinician, who designs personalized strategies to help her patients achieve a lasting emotional tranquility and well-being. Her approach to psychiatric treatment is a compressive one. She offers a traditional Biopsychosocial model of treatment. Along with Pharmacotherapy, she provides Psychotherapy sessions that are geared towards every individual’s specific needs, while incorporating psychodynamic, insight-oriented, interpersonal, dialectic behavioral (DBT) or cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT).
She keeps herself up to date with new advances in the field of psychiatry through attending professional meetings and seminars. She incorporates new state of the art treatment modalities, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to treat Depression and OCD.
Dr. Mirza is dedicated to provide excellent professional services in timely fashion. She tries to accommodate new patients in her schedule usually within a few days, depending on the urgency of their need.
Dr. Mirza strives to bring lasting recovery and stability to her patient’s emotional health through a trusting therapeutic relationship. As the treatment progresses, patient’s understanding improves, they gain insight into their emotions, conflicts and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. This is when the process of healing begins.